Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe

Meeting with Joseph Daul, EPP President

J. DAUL | Auteur: European People's PartyA cordial meeting took place on 17 June 2015 between FAFCE President, Antoine Renard, and the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Joseph Daul. The meeting was also attended by FAFCE Secretary General, Maria Hildingsson, and Christian Kremer, EPP Deputy Secretary General.

The meeting focused on the Resolution “Prospering families for a prosperous Europe or What is good for the family is good for Europe”, adopted by the Political Assembly of the European People’s Party on 23 January 2015. As FAFCE already stated, with this resolution the EPPPolitical Assembly, constituted by delegate members of national political parties, made an important step in favour of European families, acknowledging “that throughout the ages, the core of social wellbeing in European nations has been fuelled by a social order based on stable and lasting family bonds, consisting in stable and lasting marriages between a man and a woman oriented towards, and with responsibility for, their children.

Antoine Renard underlined the responsibility of the EPP in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in the European Parliament and – through its Member Parties – in almost all European Countries to promote the family as the basic and most fundamental unit of the society: an important task, for which many politicians need to be encouraged to act in line with their conscience and the values of their political family.

On this basis, Antoine Renard and Joseph Daul agreed stating the need for political parties and governments as well as the concerned European institutions to make concrete proposals for supporting and promoting the family, acknowledging the reality of the demographic change and the challenges of our societies. In this sense, for example, they agreed that the links between education and training and the employment sectors need to be strengthened and that the family has a key role in this framework, with parents as the first educators of their children. 

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