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Open Letter on the Marriage Referendum in Romania

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Members of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania







Brussels – Bucharest, 10 April 2017


Honourable Members of the Parliament,


The Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe represents 22 national and local associations: we are the voice of families from a Catholic perspective at the European level. FAFCE holds a participatory status with the Council of Europe and is a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform of the European Union.


We address this Open Letter to you, to express our strong concern for the delay in the organisation of the Referendum on marriage in your Country, which was requested by a regular citizens’ initiative managed by the Coalition for Family in Romania and which has succeeded in collecting signatures by 3 million citizens.


We are astonished by the fact that this impressive result, which clearly shows the will of the people to have a such referendum, is ignored, despite the fact this initiative is fully in accordance with the jurisprudence of the European Union and settled by the European Court of Human Rights as well as with the positions taken by the Venice Commission. Therefore, we call on you, elected representatives of this same people, to jointly approve the citizens’ initiative and to initiate the organisation of the referendum.




Honourable Members of the Parliament,

We call on you to be courageous and not to be intimidated by all external powers and internal lobbies who ask you not to hold a referendum on marriage. The future of your Country depends on it. Do not be afraid of listen to the voice of the people. Listen to them and give people their voice.

Sincerely Yours,


Antoine Renard, President                         Iulian Oanta, President

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